This is realised through the dedication of many passionate individuals who are driven by a desire to make an impact. This commitment to change is at the core of our values both as individuals and as an organization.

Consultants sharing a discussion on a task for the European Union

Imagine a strategy that’s as dynamic as the digital world itself – always ahead, always adapting. That’s our promise: a roadmap designed not just to navigate the present but to conquer the future.

We support your strategy process by balancing creative and analytical thinking when designing strategic options. We prototype possible future scenarios to make strategy tangible and use fact-based tests to validate strategic choices and ensure that the winning strategy is cascaded to all levels of the organisation, enabling it to come alive every day and create sustainable impact.

Our team of experts uses prototyping to make strategy tangible and fact-based tests to validate strategic choices, empowering organisations to pivot quickly and take advantage of new opportunities. We help organisations’ solve strategic problems by deploying problem-solving methodologies, tools and techniques tailored to address the specific challenge.


Our market assessment offerings encompass a thorough investigation and analysis of the market to assist clients in assessing potential social impact, understanding regional dynamics, and identifying opportunities for strategic, impact-focused engagement.

Utilising industry knowledge and established methodologies, we equip our clients with a detailed insight into their target market, including aspects of media, cultural enabling factors, and the regulatory landscape, thus facilitating informed decision – making.

Due Diligence

Our due diligence support services offer clients an in-depth and detailed evaluation of the organisation or program, its operations, and associated risks, spanning a range of subjects such as strategy, operations, IT, environmental aspects, and sustainability in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We assist organisations in discovering essential details that might influence their projects or programs, and we deliver tailored recommendations to mitigate concerns.

Management team

Our Management Consultants assist a Wide Array of Professionals, including Experienced Researchers, Media and Public Relations Specialists, Communication and Project Managers, Business advisors and social Entrepreneurs Across a Gamut of Sectors.

Karima Saad

Founder, CEO

Gyaviira Luwaga


Catherine Nakimera


James Mutebi


Advisors and Co-Consultants

Rita Bisaso, PhD Candidate

Management & Finance

Paul Kimumwe, PhD Candidate

Media law, Communication & Research

Dr. Ronald Luwangula


Kabugo Sam, FCCA

Tax Consultant

Julian Kerr

Strategy & Creative Director

Billy Burkey

Education & Management

Dr. Consolata Kabonesa, PhD

Gender Studies

Dr. Nkeeto Bill, PhD

Economic Policy

A passion for creating social Impact

Our consulting team serves a wide array of clients, including development cooperation agencies, international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local nonprofit organisations, and private corporations.

Health Communication

We boast profound experience in Health Communication, offering tailored strategies that effectively convey public health information and influence behaviours for better health outcomes. We specialise in developing communication campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring that vital health messages are accessible, understandable, and actionable.


We leverage innovative strategies to address the challenges of access, quality, and equity in learning. We collaborate with educational institutions, NGOs, and governmental bodies globally to design and implement programs that enhance educational outcomes. We are dedicated to fostering environments that cultivate curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning.

Cultural Studies

Our expertise in cultural studies empowers us to offer insights and strategies that recognise the importance of cultural dynamics in societal development. We conduct in-depth research and analysis to understand cultural identities, practices, and narratives. Our work in this area informs policy-making, social programs, and community engagement efforts.

Humanitarian Response

Our proficiency in humanitarian response support involves preparing for and responding to crises with efficiency and compassion. We work alongside international agencies, NGOs, and local communities to offer research strategy and support to those affected by natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies.


Specialising in research, we provide comprehensive services from data collection in qualitative, quantitative and mixed method studies to in-depth analysis across various sectors. We employ rigorous methodologies to uncover insights that inform policy, strategy, social and program development.

Institutional Capacity Building

In the field of institutional capacity building, we assist organisations in strengthening their structures, systems, and skills to achieve their mission more effectively. Our consultancy work encompasses organisational assessments, strategic planning, training programs, and change management processes.

Media Management

Our expertise in media management includes devising strategic communication plans, media production, and digital marketing solutions. We work with a range of clients to enhance their media presence, engage effectively with their target audiences, and navigate the rapidly evolving media landscape.


Focusing on Resilience, our consultancy supports communities, organizations, and individuals in adapting to change and recovering from adversities. We develop strategies that enhance the ability to withstand economic, environmental, and social challenges, promoting sustainability and well-being.

Environment & Sustainable Development

Our consultancy integrates environment management and sustainable development practices to address today’s ecological challenges. We work on projects that promote environmental stewardship, sustainable resource management, and green technologies. We reconcile economic development with environmental conservation, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Poverty Alleviation

We leverage our expertise in research, media, and consultancy to support poverty alleviation projects. By crafting impactful campaigns and partnering with nonprofits, we raise awareness, advocate for systemic change, and help uplift communities, demonstrating the transformative power of strategic communication in promoting sustainable development.

Climate Change

Our work on Climate Change addresses one of the most pressing challenges of our time. We collaborate with stakeholders at all levels to develop and implement mitigation and adaptation strategies that curb climate impact. Our efforts are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing climate resilience, and promoting sustainable practices that lead to a healthier planet.

Governance & Social Cohesion

We specialise in enhancing governance and fostering social cohesion within communities and organisations. Our team of experts work to strengthen institutional frameworks, policies, and processes that guide collective decision-making and administration. We build solid foundations that support inclusion, mutual respect, and trust among diverse stakeholders.