We are the home of research, media, communication innovation and sustainable development

Our team of consultants merge socially and culturally driven theories of change to create targeted and data driven communication and media strategies for social impact.

We love adding value

Our ethos lies in creating data driven professional and communication

strategies that advance cultural awareness but also provide global dynamism and the need to understand the enabling environment in strategic planning.


Our expertise cuts across a wide range of industries, including humanitarian organisations, development cooperations, healthcare, and social impact organisations.


Strategic planning and execution are offered to optimise client presence across diverse media platforms, encompassing content creation, media buying, and audience engagement.


We provide innovative creative services, crafting compelling visual and written content to elevate brand identities and engage audiences effectively.


We firmly believe that the fusion of critical thinking and strategic acumen lies at the core of impactful engagement. It is this belief that propels our service delivery

Project Management

Having worked with development cooperations and non-profits like the EU, GIZ, UNDP, USAID, and others, we bring a wealth of experience to media & communications project management.


We leverage data driven insights and rigorous methodologies, empowering our clients to navigate complex communication landscapes with strategic precision and efficacy.


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“Lewis+Shaw exemplifies a data-driven strategic approach, providing us with insights that have exceeded our expectations.”

Atef Trabelsi

CEO, Euronet Consulting, Belgium

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